Wattkins Universal Chassis

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Updated: May 9th 2015

This is our heavy duty universal chassis. We've made some improvements over the standard 16" x 8" size, and this chassis 1/2" taller than standard to make it easier to work on and accommodate more parts. It's also comes with pre-drilled holes for switches, lamps, pots, and jacks, as well as all cut-outs for the Universal PCB and the Tweed 5E3 PCB. It will also work with most Valve Junior-compatible PCBs (such as the Baby Will PCB from Guitaramplifierpcbs.com, and turret boards from Turretboards.com) with very minor modification. CAD layout by particle.

Current Status:
Our first delivery of chassis sold out. Our second delivery sold out. We have just taken delivery of more chassis and we are taking orders!

Obtaining the Universal Chassis:

Now shipping! You can buy the official Wattkins Universal Chassis here:

Development Discussion:

Project information: (this page)


Length: 16"
Width: 8"
Height" 2.5"
Thickness: 0.090"
Material: Aluminum

Front panel:

  • 1x hole for input jack (Switchcraft-size - will need to be enlarged for Cliff)
  • 6x holes for CTS pots (will also fit Alpha pots)
  • 3x holes for power, standby on/off switches and lamp

Rear Panel:

  • 1x hole for IEC power socket
  • 2x pilot holes for fuse holders (optional)
  • 3x holes for 4Ω, 8Ω, & 16Ω output (Switchcraft-size - will need to be enlarged for Cliff)

Top panel:

  • 2x holes for 9-pin tubes
  • 2x holes for octal tubes
  • 7x holes for mounting the Universal & Tweed 5E3 PCBs
  • 2x pilot holes for locating additional tubes (optional)
  • 3x holes for grounds (one near input jack socket, two near IEC power socket)


Chassis Design Drawing (pdf)

None yet!

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