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Updated: May 13th 2024

This is the replacement PCB to the Tweed 5E3 PCB. Special thanks to Jamesrr for the new schematics, and the PCB layout.

Current Status:
We have just received a new batch of PCBs with lead-free solder pads which are now fully RoHS compliant.

Obtaining the PCB:
Now shipping! You can buy the official Wattkins Universal PCB here:

Development Discussion:

Project information: (this page)

Push-pull build discussions:

Single-ended build discussions:

PCB Specifications:

Dimensions: 3.75" X 9"
Material: FR4 (RoHS)
Thickness: 2.4mm / 0.095"
Pads: Lead free HASL
Copper Weight: 2oz

PCB Features:
This PCB was designed to include all the popular variations and mods to the 5E3 PCB. It was created with all the traditional 12AX7/12AY7/6V6/6L6 tubes and circuits in mind, but engineered to work in just about any situation you can think of:

  • Designed for the Universal Chassis
  • Support for 12AX7, 12AY7, 5751, EF86 and more! in V1
  • Support for heaters/filaments on 4/5 & 9 or 4 & 5 in V1 & V2
  • Allows use of Russian pre-amp tubes such as 6N2P & 6J32P
  • Optional MOSFET (i.e. IRF830) cathode follower for V1
  • Support for Paraphase, Cathodyne and Long Tail Pair phase inverter
  • Support for cathode or fixed bias
  • Optional tremolo
  • Will also work with the following 9-pin combined Pentode/Triodes:
    6678 6LN8
    6AX8 6LX8 6CM8
    6BL8 6MG8 6KZ8 6AN8(A) 6EA8 6MQ8 6CS8
    6GH8(A) 6U8(A)
    6GJ8 7687
    6HL8 ECF80
    6JW8 LCF80
    6KD8 ECF802
    6KE8 LCF802
    6LM8 ECF82
    6AB8 ECL80

Schematics & Layouts:

Template for designing your own layout (jpg)

Base Design Circuit Layouts

Long Tail Pair Schematics & Layouts
18 Watt Schematics & Layouts
Cathodyne Schematics & Layouts
Paraphase Schematics & Layouts
Single Ended Schematics & Layouts
Pentode Preamp Schematics & Layouts
Pentode/Triode Combo Schematics & Layouts

None yet!

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