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This web site is actually broken into several sites to make things more manageable. Unfortunately, this makes things seem daunting and confusing to newcomers. This is the 50,000ft overview. The good news is that once you sign into, you're automatically signed into all the other sites.
You are here! This web site is for general tube amp and instrument building discussions as well as the main community center! This is the place to hang out with other amp and instrument builders. We address more or less everything surrounding amp building including cabinets, transformers & speakers. If you're looking for specific tube amp info, you'll probably need to seek out that amp in either or
This is a shortcut to the Tone Per Buck Club forum inside This is where we try and make killer sounding amps for the price of a stamp and stick of gum. No, really, it has been done.
Single-ended amps usually have one output tube. They tend to be the smaller amps (think Valve Junior & Champ), but this is the home of all kinds of single-ended tube amp building and discussions! It is also the home of the largest collection of Valve Junior mods on the planet.
Push-pull amps have output tubes in pairs. They are usually the bigger amps (think This is the home of all kinds of push-pull tube amp building and discussions!
This is the home of all kinds of JTM45-type and Bassman tube amp building and discussions!
This is our online store where we sell custom parts for forum projects.

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