Thrifty Croaker Harp Demo

Haven't been playing long so excuse the stuffups! Thrifty Croaker with standard 5F1 Champ circuit but grid stopper resistors added. No tone control or treble cut. A tweed tone would allow the volume to be nudged up a bit more, but it's getting a nice distortion without that. VVR up full for recording, volume on 2 and Celestion Super 8 small combo cab. Harp mic was an old Hohner Blues Blaster with the MC151 ceramic element and the 500k volume pot they were installing back then. Harp is a Hohner Special 20 in D. Speaker is close mic'd with a standard vocal mic, Mackie Onyx 1220 mixer via firewire into Cubase VST with no effects or EQ.

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