Rozsa 6V6 1959 Plexi

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i always fall short with regard to clips, so i threw something together to contribute (sorry for sloppy).

i completed this amp yesterday. it's a plexi preamp built virtually identical to the 1970 1959 schematic on the web with the .0022uF and .0047uF caps on the bright channel across VR2 between Pin 1 and 2.

for iron i used Heyboer JTM45 PT, Magnetic Component 3Hy choke, and MPS MPS20PP OT. it is fixed bias and plate voltge is at 453VDC at 21ma.

Other tweaks/changes include 100k/100k grid leaks, .1uF 100k NFB resistor, 33k/470pF treble circuit with a 47pF between theplate loads.

The tubes are all JJ 12AX7 and 6V6's and the board is a turrent board.

I just recorded a quick clip. It was made with my Les Paul with Suhr Aldrich pickups switching between neck pickup clean on about 1 to bridge on 10. I'm plugged straight in to the amp's "bright" channel with no FX in the chain nor in the recording! the settings are: BMT on 10, Prescence on 2, and Voume on 8. This clip is with the Epi cabinet with 8 ohm Celetion G12H30 70th Anniversary Special Edition speaker.

well, i think that outlines it. i'm VERY happy with it. i love the tone, it's quiet and accepts pedals very well!

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