Audio by year 2000

[JCM vs TW] by [bronsboi]

0:50 minutes (690.73 KB)

JCM800 then TW etc

[TW with Grid resistors] by [dave Brons]

1:29 minutes (1.11 MB)

Here is a short demo of the TW with 220k grid resistors on LTPI

[Tw grid resistors pt 2] by [dave brons]

1:39 minutes (1.24 MB)

hereis pt 2 more noodling

[audio-bronsboi-TW reamp-raw] by [audio-tag-artist-raw]

2:01 minutes (1.43 MB)

~This is some roughly played fast stuff to demo the blocking distortion prob I'm having

[audio-Bronsboi-TW test guitar signal-raw] by [audio-tag-artist-raw]

2:01 minutes (1.43 MB)

here is the raw guitar signal for tw test

[audio-tw test audio 1-title-raw] by [audio-bronsboi-artist-raw]

2:01 minutes (1.43 MB)

redone the test file with no eqing on it

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